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Hebgen Basin Fire District

Providing emergency services within the Hebgen Basin


The Hebgen Basin Fire District Board of Trustees is seeking public comment and opinion on the recent Fact-Finding recommendation for the residency policy of HBFD.

The current residency policy states that all staff members of HBFD must live within the Hebgen Basin District. IAFF Local 4432 is currently seeking to expand this residency policy to a 150 minute or less response time. The Fact-Finding Recommendation is: "Accept the Union's Residency Proposal to Allow Bargaining Unit Employees to Reside in Communities Outside of West Yellowstone that are 150 Minutes or Less Response Time from Station 1".

Below you will find the Post-Hearing Brief from both HBFD and IAFF Local 4432 followed by the Fact-Finding Recommendation. HBFD encourages everyone to read both positions as well as the recommendation. The District would also like to give the members of this community an opportunity to voice their opinions/concerns about the policy and the fact-finding recommendation by clicking on the link below. All comments are appreciated and will help the Board of Trustees with negotiations or move forward to Binding Arbitration.

Residency Policy Public Comment

HBFD Brief 

IAFF Local 4432 Brief  

Fact-Finding Recommendation

Hebgen Basin Fire Apparatus

Fire and ems services within the Hebgen Basin & Town of West Yellowstone 

The Hebgen Basin Fire District is located on the west side of Yellowstone National Park in Gallatin County, Montana.  It services the town of West Yellowstone, Montana as well as the Hebgen Lake Basin area. Over 1,000 residents call this area home and over four million people travel to visit our unique backyard every year.  The HBFD works cooperatively with Yellowstone National Park and local agencies.

HBFD is committed to serving the community through education, staff training, and state of the art equipment.  We strive for excellence in our services and are proud that all of our staff has a friendly, compassionate, and dedicated attitude toward the people and families they serve as well as toward the task at hand.